Maria Duval - Emotions are fuels of our life

Do you know that emotions are closely linked to overall health?

Yes, that's right!

Scientific experiments done in the recent years have pointed out that most physical illnesses are results of bad thoughts emotions. A figure of 80% is the range in which 8 out of 10 patients' illness cause are due to come from the mind which is highly pessimistic and negative in nature.

That is why Maria Duval states that our health, happiness and prosperity in a large way, are dependable on our control over our emotions. To fully enjoy a better and fruitful life, a healthy and constructive state of mind is important, and doubly important to have positive emotions, as emotions are like the fuels of our life.

Scientists found that illnesses are caused by negative thoughts such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, greed, anxiety and despondency. If a person continually views that life as meaningless and mind full of such bad thoughts, the body will surely translate these thoughts into a physical negative form one day down the road.

Similarly, happy and harmonious thoughts in us increase the positive chemicals in our bodies that aid in our overall biological regenerative process.

And this is what Maria Duval can help us to work on. A mental cultivation for more positive thoughts.

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