Passing remarks and prejudices

People pass prejudices all the time and let me ask what is the meaning of prejudice? It is really a judgement that is made in advance, often an biased and unjustified opinion of a person or event. Lack of evidences therefore and could cause extensive damage to a person's reputation.

Often, people who are embittered in life just want to prejudice against someone who is more successful by releasing their own bottled up negativity into someone else's life.

One common situation in life is that people who find it difficult to accept is when these people are needed to acknowledge their own weaknesses, and who would want to admit own weaknesses to others when it is better to blame others by prejudicing rather than admitting own mistakes?

When that happens, people just want to insist on the fact that their beliefs are the right one and begin to accuse others of not conforming to the beliefs. This attitude not just harm others, but in turn they harm themselves too!

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