Maria Duval on Psychic Healing

There is a kind of spiritual healing which makes use of a psychic's ability to heal by injecting positive source of energy to rehabilitate and heal a person down with sickness - physical, mental or emotional. It is also called psychic healing and it is a very pure healing method without external medication.

I believe this is a way in which a psychic heals another human by "readjusting" chakras in the human body so that it is able to promote body's innate self healing process.

The question in many people's mind is that, does it really work?

It has been proved scientifically that it does work. Yes there is a lot of cynics who do not believe. People who went through this spiritual healing have been convinced that it does work for them. Read more about scientific proof of psychic healing.

Psychic Maria Duval believes psychic healing works by triggering self-healing, or a genuinely psychic process actually brought about by the healer's intentions, thoughts, and energy.

I would like to reiterate psychic healing is an alternative healing method and is not a substitute for proper medical care and treatment. One goes to a psychic healer only to seek an alternative view on a medication condition as many times, a person's sickness could be due to body's psychic centre obstruction.

After all, I advise everyone to take good care of our best asset - HEALTH.

Eat proper food and exercise three to four times a week to keep that energy inside us flowing. A healthy body is one that has spiritual energy free flowing inside it. Get enough rest as and when required too.

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