Maria Duval on how emotions affect us

Maria Duval believes there is a need to learn that our human emotions are critical forces that affect our well-being. So what we are feeling positive, the constructive nature of our bodies will be amplified, and this means joy, health, optimism, success and drive to learn or excel.

It's true that when you see a great sportsman setting new heights in event like the Olympics, his or her joy at setting a new world record will directly be translated into your own personal joy as well, meaning you share the same joyous mood as the sportsman. This certainly has a great positive effect on our mind. I remember how excited and spirited I was when I saw Usain Bolt setting a new world record in men's 100m in the Beijing Olympics just over the weekend! It was as if I can feel his achievement!

Conversely, when there is negative condition, like fear or anxiety, your body will experience and psychic imbalance which will translate down deep into your body chemicals. That is why I urge people not to watch dark horror movies consistently as this might have subtle effect on our mindset. And when imbalance happens at micro organism level, our body will be prone to external attacks by bacterias and viruses around.

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