A friendship needs mutual balance

A friend is someone who you have something in common with and you like to spend your social and leisure time with. In a friendship, you give and you hope to receive, so in a great friendship, it is a two way process in exchanging of ideas, and mutual trust for each other. There has to be a balance in a friendship to be created.

Maria Duval says having a powerful personal magnetism helps a person to attract sympathy and influence opinions, however, to create a harmonious friendship, something more is needed. Certain kind of attitude needs to be adopted in order to achieve this.

Thinking through this, I feel that first of all, a person must not impose his or her view strongly on another party and expect everyone must agree. I'm sure if I have such kind of person as a friend, I'll not be willing to spend some of my time to be with this friend as it is very stressing, isn't it?

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