Walking for fitness

Maria Duval suggests that walking is a great form of workout in which people can use to shape up their health and vitality. Everyone needs to work so why don't make use of this often forgotten activity to train our bodies for more mobility, harmony and vitality? The repeated and regular contact with the ground recharges your nervous spiritual side of you.

There are some good times to walk. The best times are sunrise and sunset times, since the earth's electromagnetic energy is great at these times than at any other time of the day.

If possible and allowable, try to walk barefoot in the garden to feel the wet morning grass or feeling the softness of a sandy beach. This is a very good way to build up your lost body energy. Contact with the earthly elements will help you replenish this lost energy. As your barefoot comes in contact with the earth, you can feel a rush of energy going up your body through your feet.

Hence Maria Duval advises that we should walk in a natural environment as often as you can, in country side, forest, by a river, seaside, or mountains.

A fifteen to twenty minutes' walk each day is a very good method to keep yourself fit and in an excellent condition. This is not very strenuous hence there is no excuse to say you are not suitable for sports.


Maria Duval - Creative Magic

There are many forms of psychic magic. It has existed for thousands of years in human history in different tribes or cultures or schools.

Some magics are old and famous.While other kinds of magic as just as ancient and yet hard to understand. Some people mistakenly think that just because a form of magic is older it means that it is more powerful. Maria Duval says this is not true.

All magic was created by human beings. It is an important part of humanity and human way of life, since we are all spiritual. It is the most primitive way of connecting with the mysterious spiritual plane.

It is the oldest way of explaining the unexplained. It is also the oldest means of realizing our inner power and interacting with the forces of nature that surround us.

We exist in an Universe of perpetual change where matters are constantly shifting from one form to the next. It is a reality that is temporal in nature. The only thing that is not temporary is the Source from which all things come from. This is the energy that binds all things as a unified whole. It is from this source energy that ideas are formed and new magics are born. It is the very source of our creativity.

Maria Duval regards the most powerful magic that can be performed is that which is created by you alone. That is Creative Magic, and is the most potent form of magic in existence. We all possess the ability to create new things. We can use the unlimited potential of our imagination to create works of great wonder and beauty that enhance the world around us. Creative magic is a powerful and transformative form of art that connects us to the very roots of our humanity and spirituality.

As we grow and evolve we consciously awaken to new realizations and ideas. Because of this, it makes sense that the forms of magic that we use must also change. We can use our creative power to forge new and powerful magics that flow straight from the source. This magic can be used to enhance our lives and transform our world.

By using the elements that surround us we can create new magical tools, symbols, and even words. We can also find ways to incorporate them into the practices of old. There is no limit to the ways in which new magic can be created. The only limit exists within your imagination.