Your superior self

Did you know that you never free yourself from an obstacle (to fortune, love, success, etc) by force but by knowledge and understanding? There is within each and every one of us - including you and me - a superior part of ourselves, known variously as he Superconscious, the Superior Self, the Inner Guide, the Divine Light, the Soul, etc..

Maria Duval relates that this superior part of you is always open and receptive, and totally dedicated to discovering the truth. Like air and water, truth is essential for the growth of each human being. Truth is what enables us to comprehend reality without being afraid of it.

This is where the strength lies, and where your strength will lie; in an inexhaustible supply of intelligence, understanding and therefore freedom. You will enjoy a new relationship with yourself, which will always protect you from danger and be a constant source of inspiration. With each new discovery, you will raise yourself to a higher level. You will go from one wonderful discovery to the next, and want to climb even higher to broaden your horizons.

This magical relationship with life really does exist. All you have to do is to want it more than the negative habits. Maria Duval says, let go! You will be much happier. Let go and find your happiness.

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