Everything is material

Everything that you see, you touch, is material, states psychic Maria Duval.

Animate matters (living things) and inanimate matter (non-living things) form the material world. It is accessible to our five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell.

Matter is animated by vibrations. Here we are dealing with the fundamental cosmic law, which goes: "Matter vibrates under the effect of the energy available to it. Thought (the act of thinking, reflecting, being aware) in human beings is the sign of very special vibrations. These psychic vibrations, this state of energy, constitute the spirit, the human being's soul.

Every material body possesses a spirit which emits vibrations, "energy forms", outwardly. Where human beings are concerned they emit "thought forms" that can transform or modify other material bodies (like alchemy) and influence situations of existence, depending on their energy potency.

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