Everything is ready if the mind is ready

Psychic Maria Duval states that everything is ready is the mind is ready.

If you think, "I'll definitely complete my project on time", then your subconscious will produce the astral forms necessary for the realisation of your wish. If you think I'm going to have enough money to buy myself a car", your subconscious will produce the circumstances auspicious for the successful implementation of your belief.

It will attract like a magnet, the events and people that will make it possible. Hitherto unknown opportunities will not fail to turn up; the resources enabling your wish to be granted will appear.

It is quite obvious that this creative force of thought operates in both directions: for the best and the worst.

Hence the need to control one's thoughts. Unfortunately far too many people use thought in a very harmful way; their fears, terrors and worries often give rise to complications and unfavourable events.

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