Money and Money

Every sane person in this world wishes to make a lot of money in his or her lifetime. Making money is an ongoing process and hence I can safely state this world is powered by money without which, you will be faced with difficulties, dejection and even ridicule. I probably do not have to explain why we need as much money as we can accumulate, however, as the society progresses, you will be faced by even more temptations to use your money. That is also one of the reasons why there is a widening wealth gap.

According to psychic Maria Duval, money is an extremely powerful force which will either help us or crush us. If money is not managed properly, it will bring untold tragedies into a person's life. Which is why money is also magic, because it allows us to do almost anything in this world. It is a status symbol and represents a human's achievement in life, whether from the past, to present or in the future. There is a divine feel of money as you can say.

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