Thought is like seed that germinates

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Psychic Maria Duval requests that you give some thoughts to this comment: Each of your thought is like a seed that germinates, grows, gets bigger, develops into a tree and bears fruits.

Fruit is invariably produced from a seed. Each type of fruit corresponds to a specific type of seed. Therefore we must not be surprised if, when we plant a negative thought, it produces a negative event.

Selecting and sorting out your thoughts are necessary if you wish to bring about benefits in your life.

Maria Duval says, for example, you think:I can't make any friends", your subconscious registers your thought, which reinforces your belief in your inability to make friends. The inevitable consequence will always be that you won't have friends, unless you change your state of thinking. Then, a very large number of things will be possible to you.

The same is true in any and every field: love, money, health, luck, work and etc.

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