Stop nurturing thoughts of fear

Those who continually nurture thoughts of fear end up by giving rise to such a phenomenon of amplification that they can be affected by obsession and mental disorders, sometimes going so far as persecution mania or neurosis.

Psychic Maria Duval says you should avoid using those words and phrases that are negative in style even thought your intention is positive, like avoid using "not bad" which is negative in style.

Do you know that poverty and wealth correspond to very special vibratory states of thought. Let Maria Duval tell you a short story demonstrating this.

One of Maria Duval clients who ran a business had great difficulty in making enough number of sales per week. She was always complaining and she was convinced that nothing could change her life unless it meant she sold even less!

After going through Maria Duval's psychic guidance which changes her state of thoughts gradually so that she is ready to receive the benefits of prosperity.

Months passed and her thought became positive and she can sense there are solutions to her problems. From here, she modified on her way of working, made decisive actions and soon, favourable events materialised. This led to higher number of sales which is nearly 10 times her previous figures.

From this short story, one can see the as long as the thought is negative, we can never see the true potential of our life. The more you think positively and constructively, you will advance towards wealth.

In conclusion, as long as you fail to believe deeply in your own prosperity, you won't be prosperous, whereas the positive thoughts of peace, love, trust, success will enable you to attain constructive and achievements for both you and people around you.

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M. Jensen said...

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