Good attracts good

There is this concept of duality, of both sides of the spiritual spectrum. For example, the good and the evil, rich and the poor, or, healthy and the weak.

Sometime you may wonder why you are suddenly affected by a spate of unlucky or negative events that stop you from achieving what you wish to do.

As mentioned previously, it could be due to the karma effect working on you and it is coming back to haunt you unless you have freed yourself from the past negative traces.

Why do this bad energy there?

Psychic Maria Duval explains, for an energy to come into contact with you, first of all, the spiritual side of you could be emanating some resonance of the same nature which attracts that energy. This resonance has to be there first in the form of a past event, representation, thought pattern, attitude or experience, and it will make contact with that energy. If you are positive, the attracted energy will be good, while negative attracts negative energy.

That means good attracts good, while bad attracts bad.

Which is also why you always observe the rich people are always attracting more riches and money. They attract influential people to form networks that help one and another to attract more wealth to them. And a drug addict can attract another another addict out of the blue when there seems to have very little in behavioural similarity between them.

In conclusion, Maria Duval stresses, you attract and reinforce what you are!

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