Karma and your future

Today I'm going to talk a bit on karma which is a big topic in the spirituality world. Karma is a Buddhist concept in origin and its meaning has spread to virtually every nation. Nearly everyone knowns what is karma, even those who are non-Buddhists.

Karma is all about what you think and plan to do. The buzzword here is "intention". If you have intention to do something, that action will create a karma trace in your sub-conscious mind. Maria Duval says this is related to the law of cause and effect which is the basic groundwork of what karma is. The supreme spiritual enlightenment comes when a person has broken free from the cycle of karma.

So base on what I said above, it is easy to imply that to find out more about your future, take a detailed look at what you do NOW. Also, examine your conscience and allow your heart and intuition to speak for they are your real confidante about your self. Listen to them and you can build a positive future by breaking the negative links of your past.

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