Money should be regarded as a tool

As Money is a form of energy, it is up to us to control how to use it, how to optimise and maximise it. How we view and tap on its power will give money its true character. Our mind and will can make money good or bad depending on the situation.

Sometimes money does not do what we anticipate and we find we have limited control over it at times. We also never know what to expect from it.

Money only becomes a real power when our mind has decided how and where to use it. The money we possess has great power that pans the concept of time. If there is no link between our desires and how money can fulfil these desires, it is not possible to give money concrete form.

All of this goes to show that money should be regarded as a tool and we should control it rather than be controlled it. Using our minds, we have a way to make it work how and when you want to.

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