Time is the Essence of life

Most of us trade time for money, that is commonly known as "working". So the majority of us find money via this method. I shouldn't say this is the right way or wrong way as there are people who earn a lot of money through working and are highly successful in their working careers.

Some people who are really lucky can make money by playing lottery and number games. These are the people are who blessed and probably have a way with the laws of the universe.

If you are working for money, you will find that you are running against time to earn more money to support this ever demanding lifestyle. Everyone is the same here, each have 24 hours to spend per day. That means time is really the master of your life.

Furthermore, top scientists are can't squeeze out extra minutes from the laws of science and the wealthiest person alive can't buy extra time with his wealth. Therefore Maria Duval states that time is the raw material of life.

And there are lot of people spending their precious time rushing here and there trying to "straighten" their lives but never get anywhere.

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