Happiness and Suffering

A good friend me of mine recently asked me, "Why do I have to go through so much suffering in life?" She is an optimist and I can see that she is just trying to be jovial when she asked that, but when I thought of it later on, I came to realise that many people around are always asking this question to themselves. And that includes me.

Psychic Maria Duval says, suffering seems to plague nearly every man. That's true, if not, there won't be Buddhism or religions which want to help mankind to get better spiritually. Don't you know that we come into the world, our first reaction is to cry. Isn't that setting the tone for the rest of our life?

In addition, the way we were being brought up has a strong direct impact on how our behaviour will be and how we perceive the world to be. What we perceive will give us life experiences, yet, these are often experiences of suffering rather than blissful happiness.

Why is that so?

The answer is simple. Maria Duval states that there is a price to pay and this is a price that few of us actually want to pay. Man seeks above all pleasures and possessions, whereas the path to happiness is more of detachment and values which just cannot fix into our perception of life and society. This teaching has been validated by great masters such as Buddha ever since the dawn of his life.

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