All about stress

maria duval stressPsychic Maria Duval tells you that there is some underlying factor in lifes which is tending to block your success. Not only is this element preventing you from being truly happy, it is also draining your energy, obstructing the light, tiring your vital organs, sapping your strengths.

For example "stress". Once you know how to recognise and control "stress", all the elements will take a great step forward. Basically you will become more positive and more optimistic. Your personality will blossom, your relations with your parents and friends will improve, says Maria Duval. A state of happiness will begin to emerge in your life and life will be better.

Stress always creeps up on you, without any kind of fanfare. How will you know you are going through a prolonged period of stress if you don't have any kind of early earning system in place? Your blood pressure rises, you become impatient, you lose temper easily and your immune system drops.

So Maria Duval says it is vital that you know the early signs of stress so that you can do something about it fast, if not, stress can make your life very miserable and bad negative energies will be attracted to you.

So it is for your own spiritual. mental and physical health to know and overcome life stresses.

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