You are spiritual

While travelling, I bypassed a Chinese temple here and the place was full of ardent worshipers. I make me wonder asking why. There is increasing number of people who are consulting occults, metaphysics, paranormal readings and online psychic chat. No matter what religions or cultures you are from, when chips are down, you will turn to spiritual divinations to seek self spiritual consolations.

It would seem strange that despite the daily advancement of the society, humans are still so reliant on spiritual divinations. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says humans are naturally spiritual, I guess that's what explain this phenomenon. Our souls are divine and souls need to find its source to seek healing in you.

That's why I say "you're spiritual!"

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Poetryman said...

Lost in the clouds with Jupiter transcendent

Lost in the clouds with Mars ascendant.

Love Luck and the music of the Spheres.

Azure in the arms of Cerulean

Cast adrift in the Indigo isles

May Angel love and Moon glow light your path.

Mere T. said...

Hi maria duval, please help me!