Winning attitude - don't settle for second best

The last rule of prosperity taught by clairvoyant Maria Duval is, do not give up before you have even started! This kind of mentality is the "suicide" attitude which not only harms you tremendously, you are also not living your life fully and is somehow, a crying shame to neglect your own immense potential as an divine being.

Maria Duval says after learning from books or herself the theories related to prosperity, there is a must to put it into fervent action as fast as you can to maintain the momentum. Spring into ACTION as soon as a good idea enters your head or a highly promising opportunities present itself to you in some way.

"Be a winner from the start!"

"Allow your strength of mind to give you the strength to act!"

Remember: Fortune only smiles on those who are audacious and have a plan. Take a look at the big picture, and don't settle for a smaller pie. Maria Duval also advises you to develop a "go-getting" attitude and that winning spirit, the spirit of not enjoying losing!

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