Deep inner fears and anxieties

maria duval fearDo you agree Maria Duval's argument that our daily habits are an expression of our mental programming. Basically we tend to react in the same way to a given situation - perhaps subconsciosly - whether mental or physical.

As we become more enlightened, you will come to know the benefits of a continuously improving life! Life will be happier, funnier and more cheerful. You'd feel as if heavy burdens have been lifted off your shoulder. So as Maria says, the more you are motivated to seek success, the greater these improvements will be. As such it is very important that we get rid of our fears and bad traits as they block your speed to success.

Some of these could be:

1. As simple as taking a flight,
2. Phobia of height,
3. Fear of large crowd,
4. Fear of spending money,
5. Meeting new people
6. Taking up a new role, and etc.

Maria Duval says that if any of such form of situations arouse any feelings of anxiety or stress, take a moment to reflect what might be causing this mental discomfort or preying on your mind.

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