Psychic Maria Duval says evidences have suggested that we are living in an energy field that extends through space. It is the source of all life and can be found within every atom of the matter. What matters importantly is that these matters work as an intelligent field which unites with our personal and individual intelligence to give us our instinct, ideas, intuition and inspiration. Remarkably, those who are in greater harmony with an Universal vision attract this intelligence field more strongly than those whose thought is more limited.

In other words, Maria Duval concludes that those who dare to think and believe which initially appears impossible, find it easier to achieve happiness. Why? Because they reliase that the source of life does not lie in the material world we live in, but it is rather a gift bestowed by the Creator - which means it is actually a spiritual source.

So the way to bring yourself into harmony with this intelligence field and benefit from the inexhaustible energy, is through "self conditioning", which is all about overcome negative thoughts with positive attitudes.

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