Just think for a moment about the kind of emotions that swamp you when you are watching a film or reading a novel. Don't you feel as though you yourself are the cop, the hero or the heroine?

What Maria Duval is expressing is that the thoughts that makes you joyous, make you brimming with tears, or ecstatic over some issue, are all due to the imagination, to the suggestion. As well as having the power to do things, suggestion and imagination have the power to undo and replace. If your imagination is subjugated to our conscious will, it can create images that, in certain circumstances, will lead your subconscious to abandon old patterns of behaviour and to form new habits.

Suggestions will no longer be passive, submissive, dictated by other people or by circumstances. Maria Duval thinks it will be active, deliberate, oriented towards a precise aim, and this will rid you of all the conditioning which weighs you down and paralyses you.

Suggestion will now enable you to develop a new, profitable and effective way of behaving. This type of suggestion is exercised by you, on yourself! It is in the form of "auto-suggestion".

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