Learn to control your thoughts

Compare your brain to a mirror. It registers and reflects ideas. Ideas are constantly coming and going, fluttering and whirling around, wheeling past each other and colliding, never knowing where to land. According to Maria Duval, power comes to those who learn how to channel ideas and govern those ideas. When your mind takes command, it brings order to this chaotic and turbulent flock of ideas.

Thus your mind must respond recognise its role and control the unruly ideas that fly around your head. It must sift through them, select them, and sanction them. Maria Duval says once you finally have a valid set of ideas organised in your mind, then it only remains to take action.

The best way of learning how to coordinate your ideas and to act is to use "auto-suggestion". This will set you on the road to success.

Here, the main thing is to revitalise your magnetic potential which may have withered or waned. In order to do this, you must curb and control your emotions and your imagination, which dissipate and waste your magnetic power. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says you must alter, modify all ingrained and automatic responses which make your actions purely habitual and worthless. Your reason and your intellect should have the biggest influence on how you conduct yourself.

So it is not matter of mobilising your willpower to overcome your habits, but simply using your imagination and emotions in the way Maria Duval will teach you.

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