Two sides of personality

Maria Duval says there are two sides to your personality. Firstly, there is the conscious personality. This is dependent on the intellect, reason and thought. In principle, it is this side of you which decides on the value of a certain action, on the wisdom of another. However, this often clashes with our unconscious personality, the automatic behaviour instilled since young, and realms of the emotions, feelings and imaginations.

Secondly, there is your unconscious personality which uses all sorts of means to modify or invalidate the decisions made by your conscious personality. Maria Duval says your emotions undermine your reason with over-violent reactions, your imagination exaggerates the difficulties and magnifies the obstacles.

In the end, your intellect is no longer very sure of the true value of its intentions, and you are invaded by a lack of confidence, a certain hesitation, vague misgivings or even real fear and anxiety.

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