Maria Duval's view on conquering timidity

There is no need to be shy at obstacles when you come across them, because they will develop your intelligence, your resistance, your spirit of initiative, and your magnetism, and help you to employ them more productively and creatively, says Maria Duval.

Success, like your whole environment and everything that happens in your life, depends solely you. Fate is a myth and destiny is never against you - it is purely the result of how you face obstacles, advises clairvoyant Maria Duval, and it's by learning to control your thoughts that you will discover the road to happiness and be able to realise your desires.

Psychic Maria Duval continues, every victory is an effort, and every effort is a victory! A. Teillard wrote: "Certain inferiority complexes may oppress an intelligent and courageous person who is the victim of their own hyper-sensitivity, their major fear is that other people may judge them unfavourably. They are afraid of not matching up to others, they are afraid of seeming ridiculous."

Hence, timid people's career is therefore seriously handicapped by that great malady: doubt. Very often, it even affects their sex life and this disturbance may lead to impotence or frigidity.

Maria Duval states, a timid person, more than anyone, needs to develop their personality! In their case, the increase in magnetism will be very spectacular. They will smash the world in which their upbringing and society have succeeded in imprisoning them.

So you if follow Maria Duval's advices here, you will be able to chalk up your first success, then a second, and so on. Once you have achieved your first goal, this opens the door to further successes and these repeated victories will be gradually free from your prison.

Finally, by actively assuming responsibility, you will discover the joy of taking the reins and the glory of succeeding and thereby gain confidence in yourself. As Maria Duval concludes, through an imperceptible but infallible process, a timid person will automatically find a new place in the social environment.

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