Mystically charming crystals

Crystals have that natural mystical charm. I remember when I was young, I loved to stand outside the shops that sold crystals and gems for minutes to marvel at them before my mother tugged me and said it was time to go home. So crystals do made people imagine and fascinate about their beauty and psychic potentials. Even Maria Duval says crystals is important for her work as a clairvoyant psychic.

Over the ages, crystal has been used to create many precious objects and works of art as its appearance inspires mankind and boost the level of creativity as can be seen from the relics of history of some great ancient civilisations.

The hidden energy and emitted vibration of crystals also mean there is research being done to unravel its mystery and how crystals can be better used in high tech modern equipment.

In short, crystals give people hope and imagination because it emits pulses of positive energy!

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