"I do not deserve to live!"

I mentioned about three kinds of negative beliefs previously, so now, I will explain to you Maria Duval's teaching on these three negative beliefs in more details.

In simplest terms, this kind of negative belief is expressed something like "I don't have the right to live well", "I don't deserve a place in this world", or "I don't deserve to lead a good life".

This kind of negative belief happens in a person because, during the first year of the life, a baby has had problems in terms of security, maybe due to the careless or ignorant handling by the parents, and this will have great repercussions on his adult life. To some degree, the baby will grow up and have the ingrained idea that he does not deserve to exist or he has no place on this world. The person we talking here is very low on self-esteem and is hurt easily.

Furthermore, this negative attitude will lead to something really serious that affects his life such as poor asset management, inability to manage finances well, money problems, overspending, time management problems, career instability, dietary problems, constipations, anxieties or poor social skills.

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