"I'm an useless person!"

There is a third negative belief clairvoyant Maria Duval talks about which causes the block of the chakras. This third negative belief goes in the form of self condemnation like "I'm not capable", "I guess I'm useless", or "I feel very worthless".

According to Maria Duval, why such a negative attitude comes about in a person is due to the lack of paternal support and guidance when the person was a very young kid. The father probably did not spend much time nurturing the kid's abilities or talents and severely lacks the interaction time with the child. As a result, the child gradually develops an inner doubt about his or her own abilities and competence and this comes about rather naturally in such cases.

The role of the father is important in a kid's development in that dad has a direct influence on the future identity of the child. The dad is often a mirror what the kid to develop kid's own aspirations and pride, without which a serious mental void will develop in the mind and that's unhealthy.

The end result could be the development of poor self image, unassertiveness, lack of recognition, aggression, thirst for power, career problems, perfectionism and many others.

From what I have writing about these three negative beliefs, you can see that they are conditioning filters which are hindering the proper functioning of the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) and things could get thrown out of balance. This leads to the failure of higher chakras to absorb universal cosmic energy.

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