"It's they fault that why nobody loves me!"

Today I shall write about clairvoyant Maria Duval's explanation of the second negative belief that causes one's chakras to be blocked. This second negative belief is "I don't deserved to be loved", or "It is hard for me to find love".

Maria Duval believes that this kind of negative belief was gradually built up from the time when the person was still very young, and the young child often finds that he can't satisfy his or her need for love, affection, tenderness, thus this kind of dreary negative belief sets in. Deep inside, the kid is facing a tumultuous inner struggle to overcome the belief that he is not loved as he is not worthy for it.

Behavourially, when the kid grows up, he or she may exhibit some form of unpopular social norms like rejection from poeple around, emotional distress, or face people with a double character, to bad traits like drug abuse, sexual disorders, dietary problems and attitude problems.

Maria Duval states that those in whom this kind of negative belief predominates erect an internet barrier which separates them from their emotional wound which is too painful to bear consciously. For example, they only live for themselves and are usually cut off from the rest because of the distress they have emotionally.

Others may deliberately create antipathies with other people. They behave in this way in order to provoke rejection which allows them to throw responsibility onto others like it's their fault that's why nobody loves me.

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