Maria Duval says blocked chakras can be cleared

Previously I wrote about the three negative habits or behaviour that blocks the well functioning of chakra centers in our bodies. Today I will continue on that and what I feel relieved is that these blocked chakras can be cleared and unblocked with some spiritual practice.

You simply need to re-balance and re-open the chakras so that life energy can be there once more to capture the cosmic forces emanating from the current of energy which flows through the Universe and surrounds every living organism.

maria duval cleared chakrasThen you can re-create what psychic Maria Duval calls your own "cosmic circuits of personal luck", seize lucky opportunities once more, and become the creator of a happy and eventful life. These circuits of luck are linked to the higher chakras, which give us talents such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition and creative inspiration.

They can help your life to blossom, but they have to be able to be supplied with cosmic energy and therefore be linked to the first chakras, which are often out of balance, explains Maria Duval.

Well, fortunately, this is something anyone can readjust. All you need to do is to follow Maria Duval's teachings on unblocking chakras and this is a set of secret techniques and exercises and through regular practise, a person can feel that his or her body energies are again circulating freely and fluidly inside.

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