Maria Duval - you need to balance work and rest

All of us are very hardworking earning and making money for a good living as you most probably are, but as the competition gets more intensive, I feel that more people are sacrificing their personal time for work. As a result, fatigue sets in and worse still, under great pressure to do well, negative symptoms like depressions and illnesses invade the life. This is really sympathetic. My point is, there has to be a balance.

Maria Duval, my psychic advisor, speaks about fatigue in life when she writes, we got to understand the signals our bodies are giving out. All too often, these signals are ignored as we assume we are still able physically. Stop for a rest if you are tired. If you are tired easily, it could be a grave signal too your well being.

Just take my example, a couple of weeks ago, a stream of low energy hits me and for a while, I just couldn't concentrate on my work and in the end, i made an rather serious error of sending the wrong product to wrong client! My job requires me to be attentive all the time hence such mistake is unforgivable if happens for the second time. I was just too tired. I needed a rest and I really rested well. With the help of the Maria Duval harmoniser, the bad energies were dispersed, so I recovered over the weekend and I felt like recharged again.

So my friends, if you are constantly on the toes and over-working, this could lead to psychological issues and they could block the flow of positive energies in your body and life. So, slow down, friends!

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