Practise for success in love and relationships

I think one of the most important aspect of a fruitful human life is to have a soul mate to accompany you through life. Someone who stays by your side no matter what happens, who trusts and believes you, and who supports you irregardless of who you are.

That's why I'm very sad to have people around me who are not able to find love, or are being played out in the game of love and relationship.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says this is an art which you can learn and improve if you find yourself short. She has the rituals to help you if you need to improve it through the spiritual point of view.

Well, today I'll briefly write about succeeding in love i had been applying in my life. It does have some success in me because I really got to set up a dinner date with a guy I like. It's still early though and I hoping for the best!

What Maria Duval teaches me is that, make yourself comfortable in a dark and peaceful room. Totally peaceful and calm. No disturbance of senses at all. Next choose a time when you know (hopefully) that the person you love is also calm, relaxed and receptive. If you do not know, I think it is safe to say it is around sleeping time if that person works in the day time.

Now, in the quiet room, imagine this person, how you like he or her to be towards you, whether leaning towards you, clasp in your arms, strolling blissfully together, or even imagine some intimate times together!

Think hard.. until you see them or sense them near you. Talk to them very softly while thinking about the words you say to them and the replies you hear, replies which of course imagined and invented by you as you wish.

At this intense psychic moment, Maria Duval says a kind of telepathy will occur and with more practise, patience, confidence and persistence, you find that this person gradually develops a kind of warmer attitude towards you. And if that happen,s follow it up from here and your wish will be fulfilled.

I wish all of you who are looking for love of your life successful and blissful.

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