Maria Duval - How to be successful love

All of us have this urge deep inside us to be loved by someone we are fond of. There is a perfectly natural desire, and all of us wants to be successful in this area at some stage of our life, irregardless whether you are a woman, or, a man.

Throughout the course of history, many great artistic pieces like poets, paintings or music have been inspired by the power and magic of love. But what exactly is Love in spiritual term?

Psychic Maria Duval answers that Love is a source of spiritual energy, and this energy can appear in different forms, be it in emotion, affecion, romance or sexuality.

As I have posted before, Svadhisthana Chakra controls our romantic feelings, our pasts, family life, procreation, sensuality and pleasures of life. It also gives rise to encounters with other people, especially the opposite sex.

Maria Duval says when this chakra is balanced, a person is open towards other people and is expressive without embarrassment, modesty or awkwardness. Your energy is infectious and magnetic and hence also to attract people especially opposite sex well.

But sometimes it could be blocked or more unbalanced, because maybe during puberty, the awakening of sexual energy has a destabilising effect as parents and teachers are rarely able to convey the best way of using this energy through proper sex education. As a result, it could mean a subconscious rejection of romantic and sexual relationships.

Gradually, a conflict between desire and "sexual energy" develops and it cannot circulate freely and eventually result in "dormant" emotions, low self-esteem and inhibitions, says Maria Duval. In short, life appears extremely dreary.
This type of attitude attracts solitude or the type of problems that affect the harmony of a relationship. For example, unpredictable moods, impotence or frigidity, obesity or weight-loss, inhibitions, obsessions, etc.

In conclusion, if you think that your love life or sex life is disappointing, spiritually it means that this chakra is "blocked".

Maria Duval is able to assist you to purify and activate this chakra, and with Maria's help, you will exude a natural magnetism which will allow you to draw in a stimulating love life and sex life that will grow and develop harmoniously.

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