Maria Duval - Seek for your inspirations today

Clairvoyant Maria Duval recommends a simple and enjoyable way of accelerating the realisation of your wishes.

You need to set aside 10 minutes a day. Choose a place where you will be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes. Determine exactly what it is you want (the situation you would like to be in, once your problem has been solved).

Above all, you must not be tense - quite the opposite in fact, so relax your body and your mind. The ideal time for this exercise would be before you go to sleep at night, when your body is nice and calm.

Think, for a little while, of your desired situation. Picture the scene! Really feel, deep down inside, that your Inner Divine Spirit has the power to solve your problem in an ideal way.

To fulfil your desire, the Infinite Intelligence may use means that are beyond the imagination of the human mind. It knows the perfect timing, exactly when and how to give you what you want. Just content yourself with waiting for the result, feeling confident and certain that your Inner Guide will bring you satisfaction.

If you are wondering what to do or expect after asking your Inner Guide for help, do not worry. There is nothing really for you to do after that! Just wait for the answers to show up. As soon as you receive the answers, do not delay. Follow the indications, intuitions, signs or instructions that your Inner Guide has given to you.

Now the question would be how do you know what are the signs?

Maria Duval says look out for happenings like bizarre coincidences, comments around you that suddenly make you think of something, dreams, a sudden desire to do something unique, looking for one thing and find another that relates to your question, etc. Keep your mind open, and on alert - that's the key to finding the answers from your Inner Guide - something will point to the right direction.

Get into the habit of listening, the moment you wake up, to the little voice that speaks to you. You will be surprised to find that the answers to your questions come more and more frequently and more and more easily as you awake. You may note down immediately hence a little note pad besides your bed would be good.

Do you know that intuition can make you a lot of money? Many creativity-based professions like writers, musicians, poets, inventors have become rich in this way. They know about the little voice inside and they trust them. You surely have heard of these creative people saying, i have the inspiration to draw a picture now, that inspiration actually means the "intuition".

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