Maria Duval - Keep a close watch on your thoughts

Let me continue from the previous post about how to seek help from your Inner Guide.

Once you have told your Inner Guide your special requests, from now on, keep a close watch on your thoughts. You now understand that the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe constantly brings to life everything you think, imagine, feel. Everything begins in your own mind. Your life today is the result of your past thoughts. Your future existence will be the result of what you will be thinking, of what you will be seeing in your mind from now on.

Remember that all your unconscious fears pull towards you the very things you dread. It is therefore really important to make an effort to police your negative thoughts. As soon as a negative thought enters your head, firmly remind yourself:

"I deny this negative thought; it has no place in the Universe".

Instantly replace it with a positive thought, or with a firm belief that your request is being fulfilled. Have faith and confidence in your "Inner Guide", the Infinite Intelligence that resides in you. Keep telling it that you believe in its power to guide you.

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