Maria Duval - Staying Positive in today's cut-throat world

Psychic Maria Duval's teachings never fail to stop me to learn something new about spirituality and life. Looking through her written books about these topics and meditate about it later always allow me to grow as a person. Maria Duval is able to make such a boring topic into something that is simple and easy to understand by common people. That is why I do not understand why so many people are labeling her in wrong terms, when I am a perfect example of someone who truly benefits from her services.

Right now, I am inspired to write about the competitiveness of today's job market. It seems like every decent career you aspire to be in is uniquely competitive in its own sense. In this global age, we humans are highly mobile and technologies have shortened the distance between humans too.

Maria Duval teaches that there are always something people can do to put ourselves in a better winning position and ahead of a competitive group.

The number one thing you can do is stay positive. That's right you've hear it a thousand times but what does it really mean to say "stay positive"?

Cynics will tell me positive thinking people are the most idiotic bunch of nerds in this less than perfect world. They will say do you think that by thinking everything is well, everything is going to go well?

Let me recount how many successful people do say that positive mindset is an awe-inspiring source of energy that propels a person to greater height. Maria Duval states if you think optimistically like "I'm going to have enough money to buy a new car or live in a house of my dreams", the energy given off by your conscious thoughts will actually create the right environment for the realisation of your wish.

In today's cutthroat working environment, especially in sales line, a person will face a lot of rejections. What makes a person outstanding in this line is going to be determined by what's in his head. If there is a lack of positive thinking, the cruelty of the job is going to crush someone easily.

Remember, your thoughts are very powerful, they can even come to life as you think them,so make sure as you deal with rejection and disappointment that you always find a way to smile and be positive and eventually that will bring you your dreams.

Maria Duval also says positive thinking is healthy and particularly good for people who are sicked. Positive thinking releases some sort of good chemicals in your body such that sickness be better contained.

Most importantly, a positive thinking person will be like a magnet whether he or she goes. People will notice and be drawn; it's not some magic trick. It's natural that most people love to be around with someone who is positive.

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