Maria Duval - Responsibility of own inner Universe

As intelligent beings, we feel and involve in emotions all the time, then we will try to put ourselves into the situations whether it is either fortunate or unfortunate to us or our loved ones. For example, let say we read from the media about the depressing property prices, we will put ourselves into the scenario and wonder if we are affected by it and if so, how are we going to react to secure our own vantage point. This is pretty normal human reactions to events, and which is what world politics is all about.

Maria Duval sums up this by saying, our feelings is a reflection of the events that occur from one moment to the next. Which is the reason why when something happens, we wish to change it to our own advantage otherwise, we will not gain happiness in life and we will be responsible for our own happiness. And by doing so, our pains will be removed.

Unfortunately, that is not the case and will never be. Simply because it is NOT the events which happen that make us unhappy or grieving. Rather, it is our own insecure reaction to events that make us unhappy, as Maria Duval points out. Isn't this self-punishment?

So, what's next?

To conclude, Maria Duval say that our inner universe, which is the centre of thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires, is the one you should feel responsible for it. Spiritually and in psychic sense we develop when we can see in great insight within this inner universe, and this is the main key that decides whether true happiness can be manifested in your life.

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