Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a skill that can be learned, and anyone who has the interest to learn can easily do so. There's science behind lucid dreaming, though. Lucid Dreaming is knowing that you are dreaming while you are doing it. When you know that you are dreaming, you can also alter the dream course.

Lucid dreaming is usually induced by some sort of cue,something that indicates to the person that what they are experiencing is a dream, and not reality. These cues are often referred to as dream signs. Lucid dreaming is when you have a dream and you are aware that you are dreaming. This awareness gives room for control, manipulation, etc. Lucid dreaming is an excellent way to harness creative mind and use its power to the ultimate. When you become aware in a dream that you are dreaming, and that you have the power to control the outcome of the dream, you have unlimited power.

Maria Duval Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is the ability to know when one is dreaming, and be able to influence what will be dreamt. A normal dream is much like passively watching a movie take place in your skull. Lucid dreaming is an ancient art form, experienced by all human cultures throughout recorded history. As there are literally dozens of terms used to describe this phenomenon, the important thing is that they all refer to a spectrum of consciousness that we each experience every day and night. Lucid dreaming is a very simple concept but for most it will take patience and determination to achieve. Many people seem ignorant of the distinction between having a lucid dream, and controlling a dream.

Lucid dreaming is sometimes considered as a skill needed for even more exciting skills, like astral traveling. Not given as an example by the respondents, but some people also consider lucid dreaming helpful for getting telepathic dreams. Lucid dreaming is more than just an inexpensive vacation; it can have effective psychological applications, including creative problem-solving. For instance, there was a musician who suffered from paralyzing stage fright and would use his sleep time to practice in front of an audience. Lucid dreaming is, indeed, a profound test of self-reality, utilizing the surreal nature of dreaming to question and manipulate the complexities of selfhood. In waking life, these complexities can be analyzed and tested but under circumstances where social rules seem to be hegemonic.

Lucid dreaming is a paradoxical state in which the window of consciousness is seemingly closed to the outside world but open to an inner one. Lucid dreamers know they're dreaming, and if truly adept can return to the same dream night after night and manipulate the content, all without waking up.

Lucid Dreaming is not a modern discovery. Even though it has only come to the attention of the general public in the last few decades, even as early as the fifth century people were having lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is something that everybody can experience and it's possible to see results in a matter of days.

Lucid dreaming is a harmless practice and can even help some combat the demons (which are manifestations of real life fears) on a real life daily basis. People can be more intimate, more outspoken, more aggressive and be real achievers in their dream worlds. Lucid dreaming is not for everyone. At times, it's healthy to just let your mind take you where it thinks you need to be (in your dreams).

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