Maria Duval - Money as a form of Love

There is an energy that is the source of all life. It comes from the Universe and hence is called the universal cosmic energy. It pervades the entire Creation at all levels of existence, from the galaxies, our planets, vibrant living organism and to the cells that are the building blocks of life.

Maria Duval says this is the energy from the universe and is itself a manifestation of the Divine Love. It is the same with money, which is a material element of divine origin.

Money Love Maria Duval
Money is also an energy that serves as a means of exchange and the truth is that money is the physical representation of love.

When I was small, my parents gave me ample pocket money and told me that was their love for me. This is the best example to describe what i mean.

When you consider it as an energy force, money really does offer a privileged understanding to the lessons inherent to the material world. Without it we can't live joyfully and money is also a part of the society which we live, so we need to know what lessons we can learn from it for our spiritual evolutions.

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