Maria Duval - Money

Having lots of money is one of the most wondrous feeling in life, isn't it? Imagine what money can do to your life and how you can put to good use of having this wealth by helping the rest of the society. I really hope more rich people will do more to help those who are left out. Maria Duval says money is a mysterious symbol and men's most basic drive for existence and something to make our life better.

Maria Duval on MoneyWhile money is good for us, sometimes it may "betray" us as it allows us to buy goods or do turns which turn out to be a source of problems instead of the goodies we come to expect.

Money is like a double-edged sword. Either it saves or it kills. Life can be improved or life can be ruined due to excessive greed. Therefore, there is magic in it, as with it, we can nearly work wonders in life.

Maria Duval advises that money itself is however neutral as it is the person who handles it that is critical, because the state of mind of the owner matters.

To sum up, money is whatever you want it to be.

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