Maria Duval - How you view yourself in terms of personal worth

Maria Duval says it is a common misconception for people to view life as generally tough and hard. Unfortunately this is the case and people always shrug it off as "that's life!", not knowing there is a substantial impact on their own standard of living. One example is people thing that to make a good living, they must "working hard".

The question is, why must we "earn" what we already have? This is the divine power of life which everyone is equally entitled in their lives!

Self Worth
One important point in which all the spiritual groups of diverse cultures agrees upon is that, human beings were created in the image of God, and life is a sacred and spiritual gift. All human beings have an essential right to live and deserve to be happy and abundant in life.

Hence there is no need to prove your worth to take your place in the world.

There are church groups which deem money and wealth as bad for the overall development of the religious disciple. Yet it is known that churches have amassed a lot of wealth through the tithes and donations.

What Maria Duval is trying to say is that a lot of people's self worth about personal wealth is heavily shaped by their own religious beliefs... So many of them are unaware of their divine nature, and develop a negative self image, based on their insecurity, lack of self confidence and the feeling of powerlessness. As a result, there is a lack of self esteem leading to subconscious thinking that they do not deserve wealth and money in this life.

This is a detrimental thought to the overall spiritual development of a person. This kind of thought will not bring your prosperity and happiness. If you are seriously lack of money, it means you are really suffering from lack of faith in your personal value. To sum up, this means you do not like yourself.

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