Colors of Aura - Orange, Yellow and Green

Today we will discuss about Maria Duval's view about the auric colours of orange, yellow and green.

ORANGE: In its lightest hue, orange indicates energy and vitality. When it tends towards red, it seems to point to egocentricity. When it is bright, it indicates loyalty and good will, joyousness and a healthy openness of mind. A ʻrustyʼ colour denotes laziness and lack of initiative whereas a darker hue points to a tendency towards rancour.

YELLOW: This is common in the mental aura; yellow is the colour of the mind and intellect. When dark, it indicates the mind of a socialite. More brilliant, verging on gold, it indicates an elevation of an intellect purified by the mind. A yellow approaching saffron is the mark of a highly developed spirituality. A dirty or muddied yellow indicates cunning, greed and selfishness whereas a dark yellow denotes a weak will and an overly casual approach.

GREEN: Green is the colour of balance, the colour of the heart. Emerald green, clear and brilliant, is the colour that depicts healing power. A high proportion of emerald green, seen in the aura of an individual, indicates their interest or involvement in the art of healing. The presence in a personʼs aura of green, as the central colour on the luminous spectrum, halfway between the extremes, red and violet, also indicates balance, harmony and love. Light green denotes harmony, peace and an affinity with nature and the outdoors. In its negative form, it depicts a profound egotism. When dirty or blurred, it expresses trickery and greed. A yellow with brownish stripes is indicative of jealousy.

We will talk about some other common auric colors from Maria Duval another time.

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