Maria Duval - Colors of Aura VIOLET

VIOLET, which is formed from a mixture of red and blue, indicates power and, discerned spiritual ideas. Those who have violet in their aura are the most progressed in their spiritual evolution and growth. Maria Duval also believes that violet is the colour of royalty and indicates nobility of character. In the aura, violet is an agent of isolation and purification. It is rather rare to be seen in auric glow. It emanates from higher kingdoms and is usually only seen among spiritual masters and some disciples.

A vivid and bright violet tone denotes growing spiritual development, hence you can understand why it is not commonly seen in our auras as perhaps, most of us are not spiritual enough in certain sense. Mixed with yellow, it means an attraction to occultism. When pale it points to an interest in religion and a personal spiritual journey.

Maria Duval: "When it is more mauve or lavender, it is linked to a high spirituality and vitality. When it approaches lilac, it expresses an altruistic, compassionate character. Violet appears first above the head, in an ovoid form that surrounds the crown chakra. In enlightened individuals, it radiates outward from that point, filling the entire aura with its light."

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