Maria Duval - Colors of Aura BLUE

BLUE is one of the most favourite colours of many people out there. It seems to be able to give out a soothing and calm feeling when you just look at it, for example, the deep blue sea.

Psychic Maria Duval says that the auric colour of Blue is linked to our intuitive understanding, the ability to judge, fortune and luck. In the same way as green, in its highest form, is linked to healing and the heart, blue is linked to the third eye, to inspiration and higher levels of intellect. It is one of the first colours the clairvoyant sees.

One thing thing to note is that a bright shade of blue means the frankness of a person who is honestly spiritual. Pale shade of blue would mean being shy and very vulnerable to external influences. Dark blue corresponds to determination, the desire to move forward and a passion for work.

When it gets deeper and becomes more indigo, it is associated with a devout character and a profoundly religious mind. In its negative aspect, mixed with brown or black, it marks a perversion of religious feelings and a fascination for the darker side of spirituality.

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