Colors of Aura - Red

In the human aura spectrum, RED has the lowest visible vibratory frequency.

It has a double nature which can mean two extremes of emotion. In its positive aspect, when it is clear and glowing, it represents energy, warmth and vitality. Its negative aspects range from rebellion to quarrelsomeness, anger, malice, a destructive mentality and hatred.

When very dark, red indicates selfishness and a lack of generosity. A deep red is generally a sign of passion. When it becomes ʻhazyʼ, that passion has become unhealthy and damaging. Red tinged with brown indicates fear and, when the brown darkens to black, spite.

With yellow tinges, red denotes a nervous temperament and, when lighter and more brilliant, it expresses vitality, generosity and material well being. Pink tinges indicate a love of children and
the home, while a red verging on pink is a sign of happiness and tenderness. A faded red denotes a tendency towards overwork and insomnia.

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