Cultivate on the contrary

I understand most of the time when things are not going our way, a lot of negative thoughts will just creep into our mind. That is very normal as we are just not saints. We have feelings and emotions, we feel depressed when things are not turning out how we want them to be.

And when the flow of things is not going to your side, fear may set in. Fear is the greatest obstacle that you will encounter in your life. Fear can overwhelm, control or threaten a person. It is the evil poison of the mind. It leaves you paralysed and simply stuck there due to the absence of the courage.

Psychic Maria Duval teaches, when fear or negative emotions appear, you must draw its attention to its opposite. By this it means you must really understand and remember that negative act like fear or violence, has its source in greed, anger, deceit and that it is an inexhaustible source of suffering.

If you really understand that, it will gradually chase away your negative thoughts and give you a bright positive mind. Maria Duval suggests to meditate on this issue of concern and put them into practice in our daily life, for doing so may improve or save you from great suffering and help to attract luck to you.

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