The way of being lucky and happy

What you think is all under your thoughts, and this world is the reality created by all people's thoughts. Even your own physical body is nothing but what you have thought and it is also under the control of your mind.

The great master, Buddha, said, "Everything we are was created by our thoughts."

Everyone yearns to be happy in life and that is a very basic common desire of us. It is also normal for us to wish to be loved and recognised for what we have done and who we are. This sounds simple yet how many people truly understands its profound meaning?

If you are able to, you will attract more luck to yourself, because you will attract the favours of people you approach and even people you don't know.

Lucky is not merely all about chances, as luck is also linked to the merits you have accumulated in your previous lives, all in according to the law of karma, says psychic Maria Duval. You reap and you sow, the irrefutable law of larma.

Base on this, to attract more luck, change your intrinsic thoughts positively. Follow the company of friends who are positive and helpful to each other, as this is what wise men do.

Contribute when you can, with all your heart and be fair to yourself and everyone around you. All in all, do something good to people around without the selfish thought of expecting something in return from them.

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