End your day with Meditation

Psychic Maria Duval says that meditation is a great way to concentrate your mind and to improve your intuition with the potential to bring you to the higher spiritual level. Meditation is an excellent way in which you can connect with your Inner Soul and to know yourself better in a spiritual term.

Meditation should be done at the end of the way and the best time to meditate is of course before you go to bed.

Begin by sitting down in a comfortable chair or you may lying down on your bed, but do not fall asleep. It takes just about 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Once you have settled down, close our eyes and reflect at the events that have gone through over the day.

Clear images of what happen during the day will float into your mind like a video player playing a series of clips. Take special note of the words and actions you have done that day, and feel their meanings to you and to those around you.

Ask, are you happy with your day and what you have done?

Or are there any way that you may have improved yourself or for others today?

Importantly, reflect on what you have learned from today, and what lessons have you drawn from it?

All of this time, allow your heart and your intuition to speak and you will gradually get into the groove of the meditation.

I would like to end this post with this. Maria Duval says your heart and your intuition are the doorway through which you can touch the Divine, and also the means which it will communicate with you.

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