Love is opposite of fear

Man since his birth has to undergo suffering in life, lose whatever he has, through the pains of the life and eventually dying. I admit life could be materially pleasant if you have the means to enjoy it, however, spiritually, everyone can't escape from the path of suffering, no matter how rich a person may be. Death, among all, is the greatest suffering, isn't it?

Psychic Maria Duval has said fear is the prime factor in causing this incessant suffering and unless the element of fear is not there, the suffering will continue no matter what.

But now, the good news is, there is actually an antidote. This antidote is the most powerful force in the Universe and there is nothing one can resist it according to Maria Duval.

This antidote is actually available everywhere. It is called LOVE.

Love is the solution to fear and the most powerful force in the universe. Love is the primordial force in the universe and it links or unites everything. Love is also the original substance of each and every one of the prophets and every religion has touched on this unique source.

Love contains everything and makes everything possible. Why is it that powerful?

Love has the power to make you feel wanted, healed or freed from the suffering, even forever. When a religious master performs a miracle, it is done through love. Love is the spiritual representation of God and is totally opposite that of fear which is prevalent among mankind.

So, the thoughts that emanate from love are always brightly positive and benevolent, for they attract their like and bring happiness and good health.

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